Friday Night Conversations

group of friends enjoying an evening meal with wine at a restaurant.

It’s Friday night. For many, the work week is done. You decide to go to a restaurant for a nice evening meal, and you notice one of your employees is there with a group of friends. She doesn’t notice you, and because she’s deep into conversation, you decide not to interrupt to say hello. The hostess happens to sit you … Read More

Sustaining Culture Change

One of my hobbies is gardening. Every spring I plant a vegetable garden, and for a while I attend to it daily. I water the plants regularly; I keep the weeds away by carefully tilling the soil and mulching. About a month into the growing season, my garden looks like an image from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. And then … Read More

How To Assess Your Culture

I often get asked, “How does one go about changing culture?” To change culture, you must first truly understand your current culture. Only when you have a clear picture of who you are now can you decide who you’d like to be in the future. Take some time to observe your culture as if you were an outsider. Look at … Read More

Diversify Your Thinking and Operating Styles

One of the keys to developing peak performing teams is to ensure that people on the team think and operate differently. By think, I mean how we process information. For example, in my leadership role at ACHIEVE and CTRI, I am a very intuitive thinker, whereas one of our other leaders is a more logical thinker. Because of our different … Read More

Develop a Mentoring Culture

Organizational leadership should consciously and consistently be focused on developing employees. When organizations are only as strong as their leaders, they risk struggling, or worse: becoming irrelevant when those leaders are no longer with the organization. In many ways, exceptional leaders should always be working to make themselves dispensable by developing teams that perform at their peak. These types of … Read More

Motivation – The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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When the majority of people in a workplace show up to work engaged and excited about what they need to do, sustaining and maintaining high levels of motivation in the workplace becomes a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. In organizations with high levels of motivation, there is an infectious energizing spirit that overtakes everyone. People feed off each other in a positive way … Read More

A Culture of Productivity

creative coworkers discussing and brainstorming together on project details

At ACHIEVE, one of our core values is Productivity – We work hard and get things done. We believe core values are those things that truly define and differentiate one’s organization. On the surface, productivity may seem like an obvious attribute that all organizations should strive for, even something that should be expected and need not be said. However, we … Read More

Motivation 101

We observe motivation and engagement in organizations where people are willing to use discretionary time, energy, and brain power to go above and beyond what is necessary. When we hear phrases like, “I was just thinking about how we could improve…” or, “I had an idea about how we could do this quicker…,” we are witnessing motivation. We see engagement … Read More

Leadership’s Influence on Culture

group of work colleagues having meeting in an office lobby

The influence leaders have on organizational culture cannot be overstated. Leadership and organizational culture are intricately connected. And this connection has enormous significance in helping establish, sustain, and (if needed) change organizational culture. Leaders play a crucial role in shaping the way employees think and behave – which ultimately influences culture. In short, we set the tone for culture. The … Read More

Unleash Employees’ Hidden Talents

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At ACHIEVE and CTRI our interview process for new hires has been refined and crystallized so that we can pinpoint with great accuracy whether someone is a fit for both our culture and the specific tasks we need them to do. When we hire someone, they have demonstrated in their interview that they can fit our culture and have the … Read More